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Maxidophilus is a friendly bacteria called acidophilus in powder form that must be refrigerated (70F or colder) to preserve its potency. It is implanted and works in the small intestine. Its function is to control the buildup of unfriendly bacteria that grow in the small intestine. These unfriendly bacteria, if left unchecked, could create such problems as gas, constipation, a weakened immune system, and prevent proper digestion and absorption of food. Maxidophilus and Maxibifidus should be taken alternately. Maxibifidus one day, Maxidophilus the next day. It should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, following first cup of ginseng tea.

The benefits of Maxidophilus.

  • Helps to eliminate gas and bloating.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Helps remove cholesterol.
  • Improves elimination.
  • Improves immune system.
  • Improves or eliminates bad breath.
  • Combats yeast infection.

Researchers ring alarm bells. New "Superresistant" bacterium found.

The World Health Organization estimates that around 17 million people die every year due to infectious diseases. That huge number may not shrink any time soon, not with the emergence of a growing number of antibiotica resistant bacteria.

What's more, the numbers of deaths are growing not only in poor countries but in rich nations as well. Researchers in Great Britain, writing in the journal "New Scientist" report that they discovered a new "superresistant" bacterium called "pseudomons aeruginosa."

Especially those with weakened immune systems are in danger of incurable infections with the new bacterium. The discovery comes at a time when the British House of Lords is preparing a measure to outlaw the widespread use of antibiotica in the commercial raising of animals. Experts have long claimed that such practices are in part responsible for emergence of resistant bacteria.

Scientists are calling for large sums of money to be spent on the development of new antibiotica that can effectively deal with these new bacterial troublemakers. However, it was also noted that a large number of infections take place in hospitals and that about 50 percent of them are avoidable through better hygiene and a more controlled use of antibiotica. Parents are advised as well that in the care of children who have come down with the cold or other infectious diseases, it is not always advisable to ask for antibiotica, since viruses do not respond to them. Physicians are urged not give in to parents requesting antibiotica when it is clear that a virus is to be blamed for a sickness.

P. S. Over last 20 years of life, Mrs. Hsu can only recall a handful of colds. She is a living testimony to the fact that intestinal fortitude, meaning good colon health, is vitally important for a well functioning immune system. The "good" bacterial cultures in your colon need to be healthy and well balanced in order to prevent harmful bacteria doing their "dirty" work.

Use of high-quality bacterial supplements, proper eating habits, and overall avoidance of caffeine, alcohol and drugs all contribute to better intestinal health. In addition, as a growing body of research has proven,, a healthy mind directly contributes towards a better functioning immune system. These and other measures can go a long way in protecting you from the ravishes of infectious diseases.

SPECIFICALLY: What do "Friendly" Bacteria do?


  • Protect against the growth of unfriendly bacteria and yeast,
  • Enhance digestion and nutrient absorption,
  • Improve bowel regularity,
  • Manufacture B vitamins (folic acid, b12, b6, Pantothenic Acid and Riboflavin
  • Help normalize blood cholesterol levels,
  • Eliminate bloating & flatulence

Question: Is yogurt good for me? Not at all. Yogurt is cultured with L.bulgaricus and L.thermophilus. Neither of these bacteria is capable of implanting and growing in the intestines. Their chief function is to enhance the taste of cultured diary products. In addition, the processing of the yogurt leaves all healthy bacteria in a severely weakened state.

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