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Effects of Ginseng
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You've probably seen him on PBS specials, on the cover of Newsweek magazine, or have heard him speak on talk radio programs.

In his recent book, Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Dr. Weil brings to life the wisdom of the ancient Chinese healing arts. Dr. Weil points out that there are 3 major categories of traditional Chinese medicine: Superior, middle, and inferior remedies. The inferior ones have effects on specific conditions, while the superior ones have a generalized effect on the body. The Chinese hold these superior remedies in high regard as panacea, with ginseng considered by them as the greatest panacea of all.

Dr. Weil explains that "... the genus Panax [the scientific name for Korean ginseng] takes its name from Panacea, a minor Greek goddess of healing, whose name translates as All-Heal; the plant was given that name by Chinese doctors who believed that its root is good for everything. I recommend ginseng frequently to people with low vitality or weakness due to chronic illness or old age. Most people who try it, report that they are happy with its effects and plan to continue to take it." 1

Ginseng is full of biologically active compounds called ginsenosides. Dr. Weil adds that these ginsenosides "...could certainly account for many of the effects attributed to this root:its positive effect on the metabolism of the skin, its tendency to give people more energy, more sexual vigor, and more resistance." 2

But knowing that ginseng has these wonderful properties does not automatically provide you with improved health and longevity. You need to find the brand of ginseng that is the best quality. That's why Mrs. Hsu has been using IL HWA brand of Korean Panax ginseng for the past 20 years - it is far superior to the other brands.

Get some today, and find out why so many consider it a panacea for whatever ails them!

1. Weil, Andrew. * Weeks to Optimum Health, Knopf. 1997.
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