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Are you a typical American? If so you have a one in 18 chance of getting colorectal cancer in your life time.

About 60,000 American die from this cancer every year and over the last 70 years there has been virtually no progress in the fight against this menace according to Charles B. Simone, M.D. writing in the International Journal of Integrative Medicine.

Why should it matter if you are an American or not? Because the US. together with Western Europe has the highest rates of colorectal cancer incidences in the world. The lowest rates are in African and Asian countries that have not adopted Western dietary practices to a large degree. This means that dietary factors, not heredity, are primarily responsible for different incidence rates.

In countries with high incidence rates, most colorectal cancers are located on the left side near the end of the colon and where the rectum begins. In other countries most of the cancers are in the right colon. Why? Carcinogens become progressively more concentrated at the end of the GI tract. And that's where the role of fiber comes in.

There are at least two ways in which fiber helps to prevent this form of cancer:

1) Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that provides the structure of plant cells. It is undigestible by the GI tract and therefore provides bulk that is easily transported through the roughly 27 feet of small and large intestines. It allows a little or no stagnation of food residue and fecal matter in your intestines and therefore no putrefaction. Mrs. Hsu compares her DC-2 (Pure Psyllium Seed Husk with no coloring, sugar and preservatives) to a broom cleaning out your colon.

2) Fiber acts as a "glue" for certain chemicals. It binds to cholesterol, lipids, nitrogen, and other undesirable substances and carries them quickly out of your body to where they belong - the toilet bowl and not your blood stream.

Despite many warnings by health professionals, Americans still consume only about one third of the necessary daily fiber through the foods they consume which makes fiber supplementation an absolute necessity.

According to the National Academy of Science, over 40% of Americans are likely to develop a form of cancer. For you, colorectal cancer should not be one of them.























Mrs. Hsu

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