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In order for the thyroid gland to function properly, it must have a ready supply of natural food based iodine. One of the best sources for this is Kelp which also contains minerals. Kelp grows in the ocean where the water contains minerals in the same proportions as the human body. Since this iodine is food based, it will not accumulate in the body causing a toxic condition as would an iodine prepared from a chemical based drub or medicine.

This seaweed contains five vitamins: B-12, niacin, choline, carotene and alginic acid, plus 23 minerals, making it one of the most health-enriching supplements available.

Thyroid Problems? Energy Problems?

Lack of iodine can cause weight gain

The bursting life force that endows the seaweeds with tremendous powers to sustain and heal is best exemplified by the group of brown seaweeds known as kelps. In over 890 known species, the kelps embody the vibrant potency of nature.

Along the coast of Norway where waters of Gulf Stream, Arctic and mineral mountain waters from Norwegian streams all meet, where water temperatures are less than 55 degrees, and where photosynthesis of sunshine so vital to life occurs 24 hours a day in maturing season, there is harvested one of nature's most balanced products - Norwegian seaweed. (Kelp)

Mrs. Hsu has selected a particular seaweed that is harvested off the coast of Norway in the Arctic Circle. It is gathered and processed under the supervision of the Norwegian government, and is an independent industry in that area.

This product is gathered in water approximately 20 feet deep, and does not attach to the shore or to the bottom, but usually floats in that depth of water. After it is gathered, it is brought to the shore and placed on stone ledges, and washed with fresh water from that point and placed in electrically heated, drying tunnels at low temperatures. It is then ground into a meal, being handled both as an agricultural product and as a pharmaceutical grade product.

Seaweed (Kelp) has long been considered an excellent source of iodine. For a long time, public health authorities have promoted the use of iodized salt to prevent goiter. This is plan table salt to which potassium iodine has been added by chemists. One of the few things doctors agree on is that a high intake of salt is a vital factor in causing overweight and high blood pressure. But this salt we are taking about is refined salt. U.S. Scientists wan us that high blood pressure causes about 17 dead people every hour! A.M. Hagerty, M.D. Leicester, United Kingdom, says "pure sodium chloride can cause high blood pressure and is toxic to the body. "Our objection to this is our objection to all medicated foods," says physican-researcher John Black. "Table salt (sodium chloride) is a drug - a pure substance denuded of everything that accompanies sodium chloride in nature. To this we add another drug - potassium iodide.

Such a product still has no relation to nature, so we recommend not using table salt either in cooking or at the table. Where can someone who lives in the 'goiter belt' get the iodine that is so essential to his well-being? Why not from kelp?

Kelp is practically the only reliable food source of iodine aside from seafood; it is rich in potassium and magnesium; it contains in addition all the trace minerals that have been shown to be essential for human nutrition, and many whose purposes we have not yet discovered. The fact that iodine, zinc and other known trace elements may be crucial in human diets is becoming more apparent each day.

The main attraction of seaweed is its mineral content. Plants that grow on the land take up minerals from the soil.

The same is true of the sea plant, but the sea plant is the richest source of all minerals. Therefore kelp would appear to be an excellent mineral supplement.

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 What iodine can do for you:

* Help with dieting by burning excess fat.

*Improve mental response.

*Promote healthy hair, nails and skin.

Why Kelp?

2/3rds of the body iodine is in the thyroid gland. Since the thyroid gland controls digestion, insufficient iodine can result in the weight gain.