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Food Combining Simplified
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Mrs.Hsu's Meal Plan

Breakfast - Eat fresh fruit only; eat as much as you want of any one kind until one hour before lunch. Fruits are mostly composed of water, minerals and their own enzymes. The reason for eating only one kind of fruit is that fruits digest differently.

Eat melons alone (if eaten with other foods, melons begin to decompose in the digestive system before they can be digested, causing gas).

Lunch - Eat carbohydrates (high-starches) and fresh, raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

Dinner - Eat one kind of protein and low-starchy vegetables.

Avoid mucus-forming foods:

             All dairy products:milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream (organic sweet cream butter is permitted)
             orange juice (tree-ripened whole oranges are ok)
             white rice (use brown rice)
             white flour (use whole wheat flour)
             white sugar, chocolate, caffeine and soft drinks

Do Have a diet consisting of 70 - 75% raw food, and always eat a raw food (vegetables) with a cooked food.

Do Drink plenty of distilled water between meals only, and use for cooking, too.

Do Exercise! Start slowly at first and try walking or swimming, etc.

Do Take care of yourself in other ways - in all helps the meal plan and Mrs. Hsu's program work that much better. Get plenty of sleep, dry brush your body with a natural bristle brush, eliminate stress, and SMILE!




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Mrs. Hsu's Food Combining Cookbook

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Why eating chicken and corn will create digestive troubles? - Page 7

Which vegetables are best with protein foods? - Page 7

Why enzymes are crucial for better health? - Page 8

Why commercial orange juice is not good for you - Page 9

The best sources for calcium? - Page 12

Learn how to make a delicious and healthy RUSSIAN BEET SALAD (Page 21, just in time for a hot summer day) or a fast and easy PITA PIZZA (Page 34), or a fantastic CREAMY CAROB TOFU DESSERT? (Page 55)

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