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Proper Food Combining Cookbook
Lee DuBelle
Presents fundamentals of food combining and provides not only the health-motivated inspiration for food combining but also the practicality of actual recipes which are delicious and satisfying.

Proper Food Combining Cookbook
Steve Meyerowitz

These easy-to-follow techniques can eliminate indigestion, produce more enzymes, optimize assimilation, increase energy, reduce fatigue, stop the gas, rebuild immunity, and slow the aging process. Over 25 illustrations and charts.

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food combining book

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Can Foods Heal? Does what we eat really affect the way we feel and function?

"Yes!", say many of America's most respected medical scientists from among such esteemed institutions as the Harvard School of Public Health and the Rockefeller Foundation in New York.

In Foods That Heal, Dr. Bernard Jensen wrote: "From the time of Hippocrates, it has been known that certain foods have disease-preventing and disease-healing benefits. Yet, for some reason this knowledge has remained one of history's best kept secrets - until its resurgence in very recent years."

Food is one of our most important daily needs. It provides energy necessary for work and play. The amount of energy in your body determines the status of your health.

So marvelous is the gift of health that everyone should try by every means within his or her power to secure it. All living things - people, animals and pants - need food to live and grow. Humans have now evolved to a point of enjoying a profound intelligence and realize that we are God's highest creation, empowered with dominion over the lower forms of life.

Yet this "highest" creation is suffering from dreaded disease and all the ills that can befall the human body, while the lower, the animal life, still abounds in strength and vitality.

No ancient king had the variety of foods that are available to today's household. As the world population grew, the necessity for mass production has changed our foods. Preservatives of many kinds became necessary to maintain the "life" of the food for weeks and months. It is difficult to deny that once-fresh foods, after transfer from farm to market - though edible - have been changed to a debilitated form.

Could this be why the health of the richest nation on earth has been relegated to a health rating lower than even some poor countries?

In 1977 a Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs was formed in the U.S. Senate to point out that America's standard diet represents as critical a public health concern as any now before us.

A committee member stated that indeed, the public is confused about what to eat to maximize health. And today, they still are as confused as ever, since dreaded cancers continue to overtake equally dreadful heart conditions.

In Mrs. Hsu's Food Combining Cook-Book, she attempts to explain that there is no mystery about proper eating. The reasons for combining foods in certain ways is just common sense once you understand them.

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Mrs. Hsu's Food Combining Cookbook

Do you know...

Why eating chicken and corn will create digestive troubles? - Page 7

Which vegetables are best with protein foods? - Page 7

Why enzymes are crucial for better health? - Page 8

Why commercial orange juice is not good for you - Page 9

The best sources for calcium? - Page 12

Learn how to make a delicious and healthy RUSSIAN BEET SALAD (Page 21, just in time for a hot summer day) or a fast and easy PITA PIZZA (Page 34), or a fantastic CREAMY CAROB TOFU DESSERT? (Page 55)

If not - Now is the time to get Mrs. Hsu's own Food Combing Cookbook.

56 pages chock full of important food combining ideas with lots of recipes for soups, salads, health lunches and dinners and mouth watering desserts to get you started.

Cooking and eating should be fun and with Mrs. Hsu's Cookbook you can take a big step in that direction and never have to feel guilty about what you eat.

Don't Stay Home Without it!