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Flowers in the lonely park

Morning glory blooms in the fence of a busy city park
when a young lady just experiencing
life with God
visits the park.
She bends over the flower, conversing "Were you here all night ready to bloom when I came?
Even if I didn't come, you will do your very best to be what you are according to the schedule of your time. I learned from you, and I will try my very best to take after your steadfastness and humility.
Bloom...bloom...little morning glory."

From the writing of Sung Bok Hsu 1992



Would you like
Personal Counseling
with Mrs.Hsu?

Are you desperately looking for answers?
Wishing you could ask Mrs. Hsu your own questions?  
In response to your requests, for a limited time,
Mrs. Hsu will be available for private health counseling
over the phone.  The fee is only $149.00 per each hours. 
The precious information you receive may be
the best investment you ever made.

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To schedule, simply call
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Call 740 892 3221 to talk with Mrs. Hsu directly.

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Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom. I don't think I could ever express how wonderful I think you are and how much I respect you. Please know that I believe that during our life, in times of need, a guardian angel is provided to show the way. I believe that you were my guardian angel during that week.

Kathy Cribben, New York

I can say without equivocation that this has probably SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!! I am so blessed to have met you. You are a beautiful human being, full of love and kindness for your fellow person. You are a patient and extremely knowledgeable teacher. I have learned so many new things about good health and unlearned a lot of bad things.

Kurt S. Miller, Ohio

You had made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and after I left I felt better and I had much confidence and hope in what I learned from such a wonderful experience shared with you.

Cecil Ahad, Ohio


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