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You are about to discover one of the most comprehensive health rejuvenating plans on our planet: the HSU Internal Cleansing Program! In most other health food stores, you can find a large variety of programs being offered to improve one's health. None, however, are as comprehensive as the HSU Program. For example; there are programs designed to clean the bowel, the blood or any other part of the body. Some offer vitamins and minerals or a combination of drinks, pills, powders and capsules with various concentrated foods like wheat grass, spirulina, kelp and carrot powder. You can even find books that tell you how to eat for better health. Having vibrant health, however, is more than just taking a vitamin or some special combination of green foods. It's more than even just eating natural foods. To really improve one's health, we have to work on all aspects of our health simultaneously. It's like putting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. If any piece is missing, the picture is incomplete.

To have vibrant health we need to do the following:

  • Practice healthy eating habits.
  • Incorporate proper food combining.
  • Purify the blood with regular use of IL HWA Korean Ginseng.
  • Cleanse and tone the small and large intestine.
  • Cleanse and tone the liver.
  • Use food supplements such as enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  • Drink plenty of pure water - distilled is recommended.
  • Eliminate bad habits such as drinking milk, excessive consumption of alcohol, junk foods and processed foods such as coffee, candy, pop and sugar.
  • Eliminate excessive intake of proteins and fats.
  • Prepare our foods as naturally as possible by cutting down or eliminating altogether frying, grilling and microwaving.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get proper rest and sleep.
  • Develop "Peace of Mind"
All of these points are incorporated in the HSU Internal Cleansing Program. Like any other program, it works best when you do the whole program. The only vitamins that you ever needed - HSU Cleansing program.

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Word To The Wise
Once environmental toxins are removed, it is entirely possible that remission can occur.
- Gary Oberg, M.D.
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